The word POS remains for Point of Sales obviously meaning the spot where a retail transaction is completed. POS software can be utilized by any sorts of a retail shop, departmental stores or conveyance organizations for bookkeeping, buy, deals and stock automation furthermore offering administration to clients regarding the transaction and trading cash for the sold items. Most Point of sale (POS) software will likewise speak with inventory levels to continue everything in balance.

BeDigitalToday Point of sale (POS) is a retail POS software application that will organize your inventory, keep track of your customer history, and manage employee access and securely process transactions. Know where your business is going by following where it’s been. Track it with Cash Footprint. The point of sale solution that can be used anywhere, at any time. Our POS Software is a server-based, retail management solution exclusively for Mac and iOS. You can use our software on your desktop or use in online. Both permit retailers to bring together stock, oversee clients, process exchanges and delve profound into their store’s analytics. Both permit retailers to bind together stock, oversee clients, process exchanges and dive profound into their store’s analytics. Multi-store ability keeps stock synchronized over all areas, while versatile augmentations imply that partners can mind stock and direct deals from anyplace in the store through iPad or Android. Retailers looking to venture into e-trade can likewise exploit BeDigitalToday Point of sale (POS) completely incorporated Web store, which handles stock crosswise over in-store and on the web.

The point of sales as usual for shop management system, a customer comes to buy and take some product, money receipt and pay some money. On the other hand shop owner purchase that product from supplier day by day and want to get a report of purchase statement day wise or month wise and year wise as per desire of shop owner .this software is ready for any type of showroom, copy shop ,restaurant and any type of shop .
1. Admin module
• User create
• Change password
• User Authorization
• User permission
• Company information
2. Basic setup module
• Client information
• Supplier information
• Product information
• Price information
• Price history
• Category list ,item category
• Generate barcode level and printing
3. Business solutions module
• Sales information
• Report : sales + sales statement
• Collection information
• Report : invoice + statement
• Purchase information
• Report : invoice + statement
• Order information
• Report : invoice + statement

Accounts head setup
• Daily account info
• Report : invoice + statement

4. Report module
• Sales item price ( report all item price list print)
• MIS report
• Purchase summary
• Purchase details
• Sales summary
• Sales details
• Balance sheet