If you run a WordPress site (and who doesn’t?) chances are good you’re wondering how to monetize it. There are a few options available to you, but the most popular among them is Woo-Commerce.

Woo-Commerce is a free, open source shopping cart plugin that works expressly with WordPress sites. Since its founding in September of 2001, the Woo-Commerce plugin has been downloaded over 16 million times. To date, Woo-Commerce runs a staggering 37% of all eCommerce sites. You could say people like it.

Although Woo-Commerce is free to download, it is not totally free to operate a Woo-Commerce store. You can expect to spend a nice sum on web hosting and the extensions you’ll need to run advanced features.

Regardless of the charges that come with the platform, it’s clear why so many merchants trust Woo-Commerce with their online store; Woo-Commerce offers the features you need at a low price, and it integrates into a platform you’re probably already using.